Short Stories

Stories that are free to read online:

The Tears of a Building Surveyor and other Stories is a roaming fantasy autobiography love letter. Strange Horizons published it as part of their 2017 fund drive.

Corwick Grows is a horror story that was first published by The Dark. It’s a bit of folk horror rolled in body horror with some fond memories of Bristol Temple Meads train station thrown in.

Sieve was one of my first experimental stories, and an exploration of memory. It was a finalist in the Guardian’s Short Short Story competition back in 2004.


Aliya’s Short Stories:


More Sea Creatures to See. Shoreline of Infinity. April 2021.

Toxic. The Tiny Bookcase Podcast. May 2021.

Soapstone. Beyond The Veil/Flame Tree Press. October 2021.

As Yet Untitled. ParSec. December 2021.


Reflection, Refraction, Dispersion. Uncertainties IV/Swan River Press. Feb 2020.

The Spoils. Beneath Ceaseless Skies. Feb 2020.

The Christmas Repentance of the Mole Butcher of Tetbury. Stories of Hope and Wonder/NewCon Press. Apr 2020.

Lump Sum Love. Daily Science Fiction. July 2020.

Fog and Pearls at the Kings Cross Junction. London Centric/NewCon Press. October 2020.

Midsummer Eve. Midsummer Eve/Black Shuck Books. October 2020.


The Alteration. Shallow Creek/Storgy. Apr 2019.

Wrapped. Disturbing the Beast/Boudicca Press. Apr 2019.

Dark Shells. Best of British Fantasy/NewCon Press. 2019.

The Tiny Traveller. Once Upon a Parsec/NewCon Press 2019.

Star in the Spire. An Invite to Eternity. Calque Press 2019.

Territory: Blank. Best of British Science Fiction/NewCon Press. 2019.

Chantress. The Forgotten and the Fantastical 5/Mother’s Milk Books. Oct 2019.

Bars of Light. The Once and Future Moon/Eibonvale Press. Nov 2019.


Corwick Grows. The Dark. Mar 2018.

Uniquo. Best of British Science Fiction 2017/NewCon Press. Apr 2018.

Ear to Ear. Tales From the Shadow Booth. July 2018.

Chekhov’s Gun. Far Horizons. August 2018.

Territory: Blank. Interzone. September 2018.

Pack Your Coat. New Fears 2. Oct 2018.

Dark Shells. This Dreaming Isle/Unsung Stories. Oct 2018.

Day of the Dog. The Drabblecast. Dec 2018.


The Chambermaid. Black Static. Mar 2017.

Fire at Will. Confingo 7. May 2017.

The Tears of a Building Surveyor, and Other Stories. Strange Horizons. Sept 2017.

Blessings Erupt. Interzone. Sept 2017.

Uniquo. 2084/Unsung Stories. Sept 2017.


The Librarian. Bourbon Penn. Feb 2016.

House of Infinite Diversions. Strange Little Girls/Belladonna Publishing. Mar 2016.

Into Glass. Blue Monday Review V3 N2. Apr 2016.

The Multicoloured and Botanical Life Story. InShades Mag. May 2016.

Brushwork. Giganotosaurus. May 2016.

Bird Charming for Beginners. BFS Horizons #3. July 2016.

Three Love Letters from an Unrepeatable Garden. Interzone. September 2016.

Songs For Dead Children. Killing Me Softly/Digital Fiction Publishing. October 2016.


A Very Modern Monster. European Monsters/Fox Spirit Press. Jan 2015.

Penelope Napolitano and the Butterflies. Women Writing the Weird II/Dog Horn Publishing. Jan 2015.

Blossoms Falling Down. Interzone. Mar 2015.

Good Old Dirt. Sensorama/Eibonvale Press. Mar 2015.

The Places Where We Wait. Better Than Fiction II/Lonely Planet. Nov 2015.

Catch. More Nuggets from Gold Dust/Gold Dust anthology. Nov 2015.


Linkless. Perihelion. Jan 2014.

White Cards. Vending Machine Press. (Nominated for the Pushcart Prize) Feb 2014.

Endless Art. Bourbon Penn. Mar 2014.

Glum Dreams. 3 Lobed Burning Eye. Mar 2014.

Ozymandias. Expanded Horizons. Nov 2014.

Many-Eyed Monsters. Black Static. Nov 2014.

From the Neck Up. Unsung Stories. Nov 2014.


Ice Cold, Red Hot. Sein und Werden. Feb 2013.

Rock Song. Kaleidotrope. June 2013.

The Wandering Scent. Rustblind and Silverbright/Eibonvale Press. July 2013.

Castle of the Slave. Perihelion. Aug 2013.

Waiting Room. Horror Without Victims/Megazanthus Press. Aug 2013.

Owls and Pussycats. Litro. Oct 2013.

Words, Recorded. Per Contra. Oct 2013.


Lydia Before. Smokelong. Mar 2012.

The Causeway. Polluto. Apr 2012.

Midnight Midnight. Jupiter. June 2012.

First Up. Big Pulp. July 2012.

Songs for Dead Children. First Book of Classical Horror/Megazanthus Press. July 2012.

An Alpine Escape. Better than Fiction/Lonely Planet. Dec 2012.

Green River. The BFS Journal. (Runner up in the BFS short story competition) Dec 2012.


Siren. Flashquake. May 2011.

Babyhead. Drabblecast. July 2011.

Penelope Napolitano and the Butterflies. Strange Horizons. Sept 2011.


Go Beep. Drabblecast. Sept 2010.


The Red Man. Twisted Tongue. Feb 2009.

The Holmesian Defence. Powder Burn Flash. May 2009.

Flushed. 3AM. Jun 2009.

Strands. Ink-Filled Page. (Nominated for the Pushcart Prize) Sept 2009.

Boxes. Halfway Down the Stairs. Sept 2009.

Wingspan. The Future Fire. Sept 2009.


Paint. Storyglossia. Jan 2008.

1926 in Brazilian Football. Word Riot. May 2008.

For Rosebud. Fusion Fragment. Jul 2008.

Right Time, Right Place. A Fly in Amber. Jul 2008.

Richard of York. The Written Word. Jul 2008.

Overturned. (With Neil Ayres). Subtle Edens/Elastic Press. Nov 2008.


A Craving for Pate. Tales From the Asylum. June 2007.

Burning Jane. Espresso Fiction. June 2007.

Births, Marriages and Deaths. Shred of Evidence. June 2007.

The Bengalo Boys. Fear and Trembling. June 2007.

In The Clouds. Serendipity. June 2007.

Jelly Park. Drabblecast. (Drabblecast Story of the Year) Dec 2007.


Hot and Cold. The Barfing Frog. Jan 2006.

Intuition. Byzarium. Feb 2006.

The Fabulous Super Guy. Shotsmag. Feb 2006.

Penzance. Demolition. Mar 2006.

Legoland. Scifantastic. Mar 2006.

Witchcraft in the Harem. Sein und Werden. Apr 2006.

Zaza’s Place. Flashing in the Gutters. Jun 2006.

Ducklings. East of the Web. Sept 2006.

Fate, Freddo and the Number 4. Small Voices, Big Confessions. Oct 2006.

A Loving Heart. McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. (Runner up in the 13 Writing Prompts competition). Dec 2006.


The Swimming Parasite. Whispers of Wickedness. Jan 2005.

Spitting Wasps. Opium. Jan 2005.

The Ninth Ocean. Project M. Jan 2005.

Sebastian Bugs. Word Riot. Mar 2005.

Voice Mail. Scifantastic. Aug 2005.

Trick of the Light. Astounding Tales. Aug 2005.

Chamberlain and the Art of Wooing. Spoiled Ink. Sept 2005.


Geoffrey Says. Shred of Evidence. April 2004.

Caterpillar. The Laura Hird Showcase. May 2004.

Sieve. The Guardian. (Finalist in the Short Short Story competition) May 2004.

Tip of the Tongue. Fragment. May 2004.

Happiness Comes With a Paper Umbrella and a Measure of Grenadine. Sept 2004.

Stevie Sang. In Our Own Words Vol 6. Dec 2004.


The Message. Shotsmag. October 2003.

Strings. Unlikely Stories. November 2003.

Legs. Unlikely Stories. November 2003.

Playtime. Unlikely Stories. November 2003.

Observe the pink retaining ring under the whit...
Observe the pink retaining ring under the white collar connecting to the ribs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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