Articles About Writing

The Lay of the Land: Weird Possibility in the English Landscape at The Quietus

My Fate or Yours? at Unsung Stories

How Nevil Shute influenced The Beauty at Reader Dad.

The Story Behind The Beauty at

Writing Similes at Dee Swift’s The Riddle of Writing.

Rules for Writers that I Have Broken at The Veggiebox.

Writer’s Choice: Dune at Normblog.



Other Articles

I’m a regular contributor to Den of Geek on the subjects of film, television and books.

I also write regularly for Mental Floss: no subject too strange or trivial.

True stories of my travels around Europe appear in Lonely Planet’s Better than Fiction and Better than Fiction 2.

better than fiction 2

 Some of my favourite articles for Den of Geek and Mental Floss:

Celebrating the dogs of Speculative Fiction

Powell and Pressburger films of the 1940s

Dennis Potter’s Brimstone and Treacle

Kurt Russell, John Carpenter, and the 1980s Action Hero

The Stop-Motion Animation of Ladislas Starevich

Remembering Claude Rains

Grace Kelly, Alec Guinness, and the Practical Joke

Dr Seuss titles in Foreign Languages







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