Paperback fungi

It’s publication day for The Secret Life of Fungi in paperback, and I want to say a humongous thank you to everyone who’s been reading it or reviewing it. I hope it’s inspiring people to take a look around and find fungi this autumnal season – I’ve spotted a few myself on my morning walks with the dog, and have been taking my usual blurry photos of them. Here’s one that’s not too bad:


As ever, I remain terrible at identifying them, but they were a welcome sight on a slightly chilly morning, with that first bite of autumn in the air.

Speaking of humongous things, I was checking some fungal facts and discovered that since I wrote the book there’s now a new largest organism on this planet. It’s no longer the humongous fungus in Oregon. The title now belongs to a seagrass off the coast of Western Australia, claiming the Guinness Book of Records title. Everything changes. The seasons, the fungi underneath (or growing on) our feet, the facts and figures we think we know. Is there any such thing as solid ground? Maybe not, but at least it can erupt into the most interesting things. I’l keep looking.

The paperback cover of The Secret Life of Fungi


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