September rundown

September! Hopefully the season of being able to get some writing done. But it’s also the season for new posts and podcasts and interviews and reviews to try to get the word out there about my latest publications, starting with the US release of The Secret Life of Fungi today.

I will be on radio talk show KERA Think – talking about fungal stuff – today! 6pm UK time.

If you can’t wait that long or you’re more of a fiction fan, I recently chatted to Intermultiversal about my short story collection From the Neck Up (released in a week or two) and my desert island Vincent Price movies. I was meant to choose five and ended up with a whole pile of them, including a lot of Roger Corman/Edgar Allan Poe. There’s another part to that interview that should be available shortly, dealing more with the collection and my Angela Carter vibes, amongst other things.

Photo by Pixabay on

And the first copies of Out of the Darkness, an Unsung Stories anthology featuring speculative takes on anxiety and depression (all proceeds to a mental health charity), have been arriving on doormats. I’ve got a story in this called ‘The Chorus’ that I’m pretty proud of. If you backed it, I hope you enjoy it, and all the stories found within.

La Muta, the Italian translation of The Loosening Skin, was published a few days ago, and I did an interview with Convenzionali about the inspiration behind the story, and how I feel about love and literature. You know, really easy questions to answer.

I’ll be popping up in other places throughout the month and I’ll put links up on the blog as I go. Right. Writing.

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