Visit the inn and the ice age

I’m very excited and quite nervous about tonight, when at 8pm UK time I’ll be making my debut in Second Life as a giant skull-headed flower in order to chat about the books and take questions from the audience. Come along! Or if you’re not on Second Life you can follow along on YouTube right here.

I have to say a huge thank you to Draxtor and his team who created a space station for me to visit, and then a recreation of Skyward Inn itself inside the space station. I had a quick wander around yesterday and it was an eerie experience, right down to the dartboard and the jarrowbrew.


Photo by ELEVATE on

From the Neck Up (the short story collection arriving in September) is now on NetGalley UK and US if any reviewers out there want to request a copy. Ice ages! Singalongs! Monsters, aliens, and clowns! Gardens and glass sculptures and caves and other stuff! I’m still very pleased with the starred review from Publishers Weekly. Forgive me for showing it off again. Please do request the book if you’re interested.

Time to prepare for my evening in Skyward Inn! If I’m not back by morning maybe check the cellar.

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