Short and long term home-talking

Today you can ask me, and nearly all of Unsung Stories, anything over at Reddit. r/Fantasy will be hosting us all day (well, from 12pm), and in the absence of being able to all stand in a large room together yet, I’m very pleased to do this as the next best thing. If only there were drinks and nibbles… hang on, I’m at home, I’ll provide my own drinks and nibbles. Mine, all mine.

You can find r/Fantasy here.


Then more spending online time with brilliant people! I’m taking part in Cymera, Scotland’s annual festival of science fiction, fantasy and horror writing, so that’s how I can be certain that on Sunday June 6 at 2pm I’ll be talking to Caroline Hardaker and Cat Hellisen about the idea that there’s no place like home. Hmmmmm. Thinking hard about that in the wake of the last year. I might get some ruby slippers.

I think Cymera passes are available now, and having seen the weekend schedule, I’m geared up for a lot of very interesting stuff taking place. Have a look.


But back to today… Reddit! AMA! Or AUA (Ask Us Anything) since the editors, designer and nearly all the authors will be there! Go go go!

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