Beyond the infinite

I made magnificently sticky easter-egg embedded blondies this Easter, and now, on the other side of the sugar rush, I’ll just give the blog a quick update on a few cool things:

The new issue of Shoreline of Infinity contains a SF not-first-but-last contact story of mine called More Sea Creatures to See. It’s got a lot of my favourite things in it, including theme parks and miscommunication. My first published short story of the year! It’s great to have found it such a good home.

Another piece of short story news, this time in horror: Beyond the Veil is an anthology edited by Mark Morris that will be published by Flame Tree Press in October 2021. Some of the writers involved in this are really incredible – if you’re a horror fan, you’ll be delighted with this line-up. Click on the link and have a look. My story, Soapstone, is hopefully one of those seemingly mundane tales that ends up giving you the shivers. I’ve worked with Mark before and he’s a wonderful editor and compiler of the sort of stories that you can’t forget. I’m looking forward to reading the other stories in this unthemed collection.

Aaaaaaaand more short story stuff… thank you to Lavie Tidhar for giving From the Neck Up, being published by Titan Books later in the year, a mention in a round-up of short story collections for 2021. It’s in the Washington Post! This is very cool.

Finally, if you’re interested in cover design, you’ll enjoy this piece in Spine magazine about the Dominic Forbes’ design process for Skyward Inn. The final cover is stunning, and this look through other variations and ideas explored is fascinating. Fonts and colours abound.

Photo by Guillaume Meurice on

What next? Maybe I’ll make some more blondies. I’m not quite ready for Easter to be over.

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