Acknowledging the inn is out

It was published in the US on Tuesday, and it’s available in the UK today – yes, Skyward Inn is out there…

I completely forgot to thank anybody in the back of the book, for which I really apologise. So here goes – the blog version:

A huge thank you to David Moore, Hanna Waigh, and everyone at Solaris Books for doing such a magnificent job of putting the book in print and getting it out to the world. Thanks to Dominic Forbes for the wonderful cover, and Kristin Atherton for reading the audiobook version beautifully.

Thank you times a thousand, Max Edwards. There wouldn’t be a book I can hold in my hands without you. Thanks to George Sandison, Tim Stretton, Nina Allan and Nick Porecki for reading early drafts and keeping me going with coffee and wine, patience, good grace and good conversation. And, of course, a great big thanks to my brother Jim, my parents, and to Nick, Elsa and Barney. I couldn’t have had better company to be alone with.


There have been some wonderful reviews so can I also say thank you to everyone who has reviewed it, or read it, so far? I’m extremely grateful for your time and energy. And that’s it! The inn is out.

This looks okay… maybe I’ll give the first chapter a go…

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