Release the Titans

The Loosening Skin (US/Canada edition) is out there! I’ve seen some great pictures of it in bookshops and on TBR piles, but my favourite picture of it comes from a blog post by Titan Books. Here it is in a line-up with my other Titan titles:

By the end of this year, the short story collection From the Neck Up will make this a collection of five with matching covers, and that is just amazing to me – one of those things I never thought I’d get lucky enough as a writer to have. We’re putting the finishing touches to From the Neck Up now, and I’ve tried to make it a collection of my favourite short stories over the past ten years, along with a few new ones.

Meanwhile, spare a thought for Paul Semel, who has now interviewed me a number of times, and is beginning to show signs of fatigue. Sorry, Paul. I’m taking a writing break at the moment, I promise you. Here’s an extract:

Are there stories — either written or in movies or TV shows — that had a big influence on The Loosening Skin? And I mean just on this story, not on your style as a whole.

Following on from the answer above, a lot of those black and white crime thrillers featuring Robert Mitchum or Humphrey Bogart, were hanging around in my mind. The twistiness of those plots, and the loneliness of the leads. They were so disaffected, iconic. I haven’t really explored that before, but I love those films. I’d say Out Of The Past is my favorite. It’s definitely an influence just on this book.

You can read the whole thing here.

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