Places to find horror

I’ve been busy talking about flies, loneliness, aliens, ghosts, and flaying, in order to promote the publications of both The Loosening Skin (US) and Skyward Inn (UK & US).

Over at Breaking the Glass Slipper, we chatted about loneliness as a driving force of science fiction, including Star Wars, Star Trek, Graham Greene, and lots of other things. Thanks so much to the BtGS lot for having me back (I was first there to talk about the UK release of Skin, a couple of years ago) – it’s always a good conversation with them.

At Horror Tree, I got a chance to recreate a scene from Poltergeist, and then explain why skin can be scary:

Skin is the largest organ of the body. You’re probably carrying about eight pounds of it. It insulates, protects, and regulates. Human skin regenerates its layers from birth to death, and is thickest on the soles of the feet. I was very young when I found out that some creatures shed their skins, leaving them behind, rather than endlessly renewing them. Playing in the dunes above the local beach, I found the intact skin of a small snake, an adder, so delicate, the diamond pattern still visible.

Thanks to Horror Tree for hosting me as part of Women in Horror month.

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