Avalon and other places

With the US release of The Loosening Skin, and the publication of Skyward Inn, both coming up in the next couple of months, I’ll be popping up virtually in a few more places, talking about writing and inspiration and things I love. I’ll blog about them as I go along, and to start there’s a Q&A about body horror, awards and shaggy ink caps up at Fangirlnation. Here’s an excerpt:

Q: You have become a master of literary style body horror. Do you have any particular inspirations? 

A:I’m interested in how we trust our bodies, or learn to distrust them through experience, and I’ve found that exaggerating or swapping around some aspects of how our bodies behave is a good way of exploring that. I’m not trying to create horror in the sense of finding something that a reader should fear happening to them. Instead I’m looking at the strangest elements of existence that we all share, and pushing at the boundaries of that so we see it more clearly.

You can read the whole thing, and Fangirlnation’s kind review of The Loosening Skin, here.


I also chatted to Doctor Rachel Knightley about horror, as part of a series of interviews she’s doing with all the women writers who can be found in Black Shuck Books’ recently anthology Midsummer Eve. I highly recommend this is you want to feel warmer right now (in a chilling horror-type way, of course) with that long summer night in every story. You can read that interview over at Horror DNA.


And finally, not related to any particular book at all, you can read about a song that saved my life over on The Empty Mirrors.

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