Stories that keep growing

It’s no longer such a slim volume: the UK edition of The Beauty has now been reprinted with the addition of a bonus short story. It’s called Peace, Pipe and it could already be found in the US edition, so it’s good to have the matching set now. The cover even has a new purple circle on the front.

London, another set of stories that keeps growing, is the subject of all the stories in NewCon Press’ London Centric anthology. I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m giving it another shout because I’m taking part in a cyber Kaffee Klatsch this Saturday, along with a heap of talented people, to talk about our future visions. Except mine was sort of set in the past. But never mind – I’m still really looking forward to taking part at 3pm via Zoom. You can find out more here.

I’m having a pretty slow December, rereading some Sherlock Holmes, writing something that might become something, and taking my time over it. I’ll post my favourite reads of the year, and a catch-up of all that happened, before we reach 2021. Then on to a new year, and a fresh batch of stories that will, no doubt, start swelling up.

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