Hello Greensmith

Publication day for Greensmith, and I’m just so relieved to see my main character Penelope out in the universe and travelling. She was meant to make an appearance in May, but maybe she suits October better, just as all the leaves are falling off the trees for real.

This book means a lot to me. I wrote it through a fog of self-doubt that anything so strange and demanding could work, but I had to try just to get it out of my head. Thanks to everyone who urged me onwards, and thanks to those who then helped to publish it. You’re all stars. A few links:

I spoke about Greensmith’s oddness, the act of classification when it comes to SF, and the best book everyone should read (at the right moment) to Matt at Runalong the Shelves.

A huge thank you to Nina Allan, who read it and wrote about it here.

And here’s a link to the Unsung Stories page for Greensmith, which has some lovely quotes about it from writers I very much admire.

I annotated an excerpt from the opening of the book, making myself feel clever in the process, over at Civilian Reader.

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