An October Summer

October’s going to be a really busy month for me.

There’s Greensmith, my overexcited take on space opera and plants, coming from Unsung Stories on October 12. Some writers I admire have already read it and said kind things about it over on the website. Phew.

There’s The Secret Life of Fungi, a non-fiction smart and shiny hardback about everything fungal, being published by Elliott & Thompson on October 22.

There’s NewCon Press’ anthology London Centric: Tales of Future London, being released into the world on October 27. My story about is about creeping fog, and the lighthouse at King’s Cross.

And there’s one more project I’m not allowed to talk about yet.

But the one I am allowed to talk about, and am really pleased to be able to talk about, is Midsummer Eve, an anthology of short stories that will be published by Black Shuck Books in their Great British Horror series. All the authors were given the same title, and told to get on with it. So you have ten stories that are all called Midsummer Eve, and it looks like mine will be the last in the collection. It’s about a long day spent in a big house while having unpleasant errands to run. There’s a really great line-up, including Robert Shearman. I’m always delighted to share space with him and I can’t wait to read his story. I bet it’s more disturbing than mine.

Here’s the cover:

Midsummer Eve can be preordered over at the Black Shuck website now. I’m off to have a long lie down before October kicks off.

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