Fungal Growth

If you look up you should see a new tab on the top bar for non-fiction works. I’ve been writing non-fiction articles for a few years, mainly about film or trivia but also about the writing process and literature that I love. Well, all that stepped up a gear at the beginning of the year when I was asked if I wanted to write a book about fungi.

I know a little bit about fungi, but I’m certainly not an expert. I do enjoy writing about them, though, and bringing their strange forms to life, and although I was a bit terrified at the idea I did wonder if I was up to the challenge of a whole book about them, using my joy of language to bring the light and dark of fungal growth to the page. So I gave it a go. A whole lot of research and sweat later, here’s the result:

It’ll be published by Elliott & Thompson in October 2020 as a hardback. It’s not a long book, but I hope it’s a really interesting and involving one. I learned a lot from writing it, and I’m really looking forward to seeing a physical copy of it, with beautiful illustrations to match.

There are more details on my new non-fiction page, along with links to some of my favourite articles over the years.

Here’s to surprising opportunities, and taking on tasks that scare you.

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