New Skin and Pictures

Cover reveals are great, particularly when they involve one like this:


Just amazing. It’s for the US release of The Loosening Skin in June 2020. There’s some information and an excerpt over at Tor.Com. There should also be a new novelette to go with this version, as there have been for all my Titan releases. I’m busy writing it now.

Thanks to Julia Lloyd and Titan for doing such a fantastic job with them all – and also for the Skein Island Instagram tour, which got word of that book out there on a grand scale and provided some amazing photos of it out in the world. I really recommend going along to Titan’s Instagram feed to have a look at them.


There’s been a late splurge of short story publications this year, in some cracking anthologies:

My story Star in the Spire appeared in An Invite to Eternity: Tales of Nature Disrupted from Calque Press, which is a beautifully put together book.

I think I’ve already mentioned this, but it’s so lovely in its finished form (the illustrations are amazing too) that I’ll mention it again – The Forgotten and the Fantastical 5 (Mother’s Milk books) included my story Chantress, involving songs and marshmallows and an odd job up a mountain.


And Bars of Light has just been published in Eibonvale Press’ Once and Future Moon, edited by Allen Ashley. My copy arrived and it looks very smart; I’m looking forward to reading this anthology and seeing what the other writers involved did with the theme. The moon, past, present and future. My story is sort of set in the past, I think. Prison moon.


Anyway. I hope your November is going well. I’ll press on with this novelette for the US release of The Loosening Skin, and then take stock of 2019, and start looking ahead to 2020. But not yet. I’m not in that zone quite yet. Let’s wring a little more out of this year before we throw it away.

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