Heroic island-visiting time

Aaaaaand Skein Island is out there. Published today by Titan, it completes a circle for me. It’s the first fully speculative fiction novel I wrote, and I threw everything at it, thinking it would never get published because I’d never read anything like it. I was wrong, and the brilliant Dog Horn Publishing picked it up and put it out into the world. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: a huge thank you to them. Then Titan Books came along and here we are with a new novelette attached and a wonderful cover by Julia Lloyd, and maybe more people will take a visit to the island, or think about what might happen if they played the game with four cubes, or feel a bit uncomfortable standing next to a Greek statue.

Reviews and articles have appeared in a few places already, if you’re interested:

Bookmarks named it one of their five sci-fi and fantasy books to watch out for in November.

John DeNardo included it in his list of seven best science fiction and fantasy books published in November for Kirkus Reviews.

Bookmunch reviewed it first time around but were kind enough to rerun the article on their site: ‘Read and Enjoy’

IStoria Lit reviewed it and really got stuck into the mythological aspects of the story.

I answered a few questions for Book Referees about getting stuck in lifts and Jaws and my writing practice.

Thanks so much to everyone who has read it, reviewed it, is reading it, is thinking about it. You’re all heroes.


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