Subjective kind of celebrating

Lawks. I’ve turned into a Dickens character through the excitement of winning a Subjective Chaos Kind of Award! The Loosening Skin won the Best Fantasy work at the 2019 award ceremony, held in Dublin during WorldCon weekend, and my editor picked up my beautiful pebble prize for me. I’m really looking forward to getting it home and putting it next to my other pebble (for making the Shirley Jackson shortlist a few years ago) on my writing desk. I love my new pebble collection.

Thanks so much to the judges. I’m delighted that The Loosening Skin has been out there working its weirdness on people. I was going through a bit of a Bleak House moment when it comes to writing, but that’s cheered me right up and made the Dombey and Son come out. I was wishing I was in Dublin, but now I might go and take the dog on a long walk across the David Copperfields and then try and get a new short story written. It might even be A Tale of Two Cities with an Oliver Twist thrown in.

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees and sorry about the Dickens outburst there.

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