Cover and Toasts

I’ve been doing a fair bit of celebrating recently due to award nominations for The Loosening Skin, and a high point was toasting the book (with wine, not on a fork) at the Arthur C Clarke awards last week. Amazing. Enormous thank you to everyone who cheered me on, and congratulations to Tade Thompson for nabbing the top prize with Rosewater, which is one of my favourite recent SF books so it would be churlish to resent its brilliance.

Yesterday the shortlist for the British Fantasy Awards was announced and I was very surprised and happy to find Skin there, on a list of talent that makes me feel hugely positive about genre writing. Attending Edge-Lit at Derby brought this home to me too – there’s a lot of wonderful writers and exciting, challenging work out there. Congratulations to everyone on the BFA list. Here’s a virtual toast to you.

Aaaaaand we’re in the second half of the year, which means I need to start thinking about the upcoming Titan re-release of Skein Island, my novel about the long-established roles that lurk at the heart of the stories we tell. That isn’t until November, but I can show you the new cover today.

*Cover reveal moment*

Yes, it’s about statues and wool. Well, a little bit about those things.

Here’s the blurb:

Skein Island, a private refuge twelve miles off the coast, lies in turbulent waters. Few receive the invitation to stay for one week, free of charge. If you are chosen, you must pay for your stay with a story from your past – a Declaration for the Island’s vast library.

What happens to your Declaration after you leave the island is none of your concern.

From the monsters of Ancient Greece to the atrocities of World War II, from heroes to villains with their seers and sidekicks by their sides, Skein Island looks through the roles we play, and how they form and divide us. Powerful and disturbing, it is a story over which the characters will fight for control.

Until they realise the true enemy is the story itself.

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