Brave New Escapes

A bit of news that made me drink wine and dance around the kitchen last night – here’s The Loosening Skin on a very exciting shortlist:

BNW-Shortlist 2019

Starburst’s Brave New Words Award is for someone who produces break-out literature that is new and bold. We are looking to highlight exciting work that breaks new ground in the field of Cult Entertainment.  

The nominees are:

Aliya Whiteley – The Loosening Skin (Unsung Stories)

Tasha Suri – Empire of Sand (Orbit / Little Brown)

Rachel Armstrong – Origamy  (NewCon Press )

Claire North – 84K (Orbit / Little Brown)

Micah Yongo- Lost Gods  (Angry Robot)

Tade Thompson – Rosewater (Orbit / Little Brown)

I think the awards ceremony takes place at Edge-Lit 8 on Saturday 13th July in Derby. Edge-Lit has some great guests lined up this year as well. I’m hoping to be able to get there.

If I’m not at Edge-Lit, though, I’ll be writing instead and that means I’ll be in a nearby cafe doodling. Recently the writer Georgina Bruce (her new book of short stories is wonderful) asked me to write a bit about my method for her Escape Room series of interviews and here it is. I didn’t mention in the piece that toasted teacakes play a large part, too. Anything I write is at least twelve per cent tea cake-powered.


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