Catch-up Carryall

I got stuck into the new year. Or in the new year. Help. Either way, I’ve had a couple of ideas in strange directions and have been working away on those on the writing front, and that means I forgot to blog.

Here’s a bit of a catch-up:

The Loosening Skin has had a fine start in life with some strong reviews (phew) and it’s been a joy to come across mentions for it here and there. A high point was this article in The Guardian. Unsung Stories have collected quotes and put them on their website. You can find them here. Thank you so much to everyone who’s read it/reviewed it so far – and if you have, the podcast Time for Cakes and Ale is currently reading Skin as the first book in their new Book Club. They’re looking for people to comment on what they thought of the book, and I think the podcast episode will be available to listen to by the end of February. If you’ve got thoughts about it that you want to share, that’s the place to be.

The Beauty continues to spread like some fungal disease, and I loved finding it on Reedsy’s list of 100 Best Horror Books of All Time. Look at the company it’s in. There are some great newer books on that list, too, and the picture at the top of the article keeps staring at me.

Meanwhile, I see tweets popping up every now and then from my Italian publisher, Carbonio Editore, mentioning lovely reviews for both The Beauty and The Arrival of Missives (La Bellezza and L’Arrivo Delle Missive). They have links on their website here. I think I owe a huge debt to my translator, here: Olimpia Ellero. I haven’t had a chance to meet you, but thank you.

In terms of new stuff, I should have a few short stories making an appearance in anthologies soon – I’ll blog when they’re available, I promise – including the first anthology from Boudicca Press and the Shallow Creek anthology of horror stories. Currently Shallow Creek are running a Choose Your Own Adventure on twitter which has been loads of fun, although I always seem to make the wrong choice and have already put the poor protagonist, Mallum Colt, through more than his fair share of nasty experiences.

And work continues on getting my novel Skein Island into shape for publication by Titan later in the year. I’ve just finished writing a new novelette set on the island to accompany it. Plus Greensmith! My new sci fi novel. That will be making an appearance this year as well. I’m both excited and nervous about that one.

But for now I’m going to crack on with these new ideas, and see where the light leads me. Yeah. Could be anywhere. That’s one of my favourite things about writing. Along with always having something to think about and the freedom to make biscuits every now and again, when the mood takes me.

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