Day of the Dog and a Deadline

This is a bit wonderful. I’ve always been a fan of the Drabblecast (they’ve done a great job of a few of my other stories in the past) but they took a break from the world of podcasting over the last few years, and I missed them. But now they are back, and I’m just so pleased that one of their first returning stories is one of mine.

Day of the Dog is odd, and I have a real soft spot for it. It’s a weird mixture of things, including zombie movies, unrequited love, and the beliefs we hold that we just can’t shake, no matter what happens in our lives. I gave it a listen this morning and I think Norm Sherman did a great job of editing and narrating this, and I also love the artwork by Toeken. A huge thank you to them.

Also – I have a hatred of stories that set you up to love a dog and then bump off that dog, so I don’t think I’m ruining anyone’s enjoyment by saying that doesn’t happen here and the story isn’t really about dogs at all.

And deadlines! There are only two days to go in the Kickstarter for the Storgy Shallow Creek anthology, and my creepy and horrible story that made me want to wash while I was writing it, called The Alteration, is the last stretch goal. It’s ¬£350 away at the time of writing this – here’s the link! There are some great authors involved in this so it’ll be well worth contributing, I think.

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