Touring and Stretching

The Arrival of Missives blog tour has been going swimmingly so I thought I’d just put up the relevant links here – I’ll continue to update this post every day with the interviews, reviews and articles related to the tour. So far we’ve got:

Five Old British Ways to Predict the Future at Civilian Reader

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of November 2018 on B&N blog

Five Weird Books of the English West Country at The Bibliosanctum

The Arrival of Missives reviewed at The Frumious Consortium

An interview with Paul Semel (also about The Loosening Skin)

A review and an extract of Missives at Book Referees

Being interviewed over at The Frumious Consortium once more

How to Make Writing Historical Fiction Fun at The Misadventures of a Reader

How DH Lawrence Shaped my Sci-Fi Life at Books, Bones and Buffy

An interview at My Life, My Books, My Escape

A brief extract is up at Beauty in Ruins

A post about May Day Patterns at Looking Glass Reads

There’s an extract at Rising Shadow

I took the Page 69 test over at Marshal Zeringue’s website

And I chatted to Breaking the Glass Slipper about books generally (including talk of the brilliance of Unsung Stories and the reasons behind writing The Loosening Skin)


Meanwhile, back on dry land, I’m thinking about visiting a little place known as Shallow Creek. I hear it’s the destination of choice for all the cool writers this year. Shallow Creek is a fictional town of dark tales created by Storgy and they are currently kickstarting an anthology based on the place and the townsfolk, following on from a competition they ran recently. My story (if I get to write it) will be a reward for hitting a certain stretch goal. I’ve never been a stretch goal reward before. Thank heavens I’ve been doing all that yoga.

There’s a bit more info about Shallow Creek here, and there are lots of great writers attached to this project including Sarah Lotz, Dan Carpenter, Richard Thomas, and Ian Steadman (who wrote a Postman Pat-themed story here that I think about more often than I probably should).


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