Down and Up with Noir, Launches and Space Novels

FantasyCon 2018 was so good that I’ve needed these past few days to recover from it. I signed loads of books at the launches of both New Fears 2 and This Dreaming Isle, and shared space with some wonderful writers. My only regret is that I had to leave before the awards ceremony, so I missed my publisher swearing at the entire room when Unsung Stories won Best Independent Press. Dammit. Still, I had a little cry of happiness on the train on the way home for him. Possibly the crying was also brought on by Con exhaustion, but I’m sure most of it was joy-and-pride related.

Now the release of The Loosening Skin really is imminent (we sort of launched it at FantasyCon too but it’s not really properly out there yet – the actual date is 5th November) I’ve been over at Den of Geek writing about the addictions we find in SF Noir. It’s a huge topic, but I managed to squeeze in a lot of my favourite drugs and detectives to the three parts, including Jessica Jones, Dark City, and Oliver Langmead’s Dark Star and Tade Thompson’s Rosewater. The Loosening Skin has a touch of noir to it, and certainly a very important addictive drug is crucial; it’ll be interesting to see if readers feel it’s a noir story or something else again. I’m not sure myself.

And space novels! Yep, I wrote a space novel and Unsung Stories will be publishing it next year. It doesn’t quite have a title yet, but here’s a little bit of information about it:

‘The fourth of Aliya’s books with Unsung is full of Whiteley’s trademark skill, wit, and unpredictability. Think a vibrant science fiction adventure for fans of Douglas Adams, inter-dimensional travel and big ideas presented accessibly.’

The whole Adams thing gives me the collywobbles, but heck to it. I decided a while back to get out of the way of my writing brain and let it do what it wants, and it wanted this. There is simply no point in repeating what I’ve done before, even though all my usual themes and interests always reappear despite my belief that it’s all new every time (is writing a straight line or a circle?). I’m delighted that Unsung will be publishing it (did I mention that they won the Best Independent Press award?) Brains go up and down and round and round. Enough.

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