Wearing a fantastic skin

This weekend (Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday) I’ll be in Chester attending FantasyCon, and I’m really looking forward to being part of the launch parties for two books: Titan’s New Fears 2  – which I’m currently reading as well as feeling grateful that I have a story in it – and Unsung Stories’ The Loosening Skin (which I’m just grateful to have finished and out of my head – phew). The Unsung launch will also include This Dreaming Isle, and Peter Haynes’ The Willow by Your Side. I’ll be buying my own copy of that; I read the first chapter recently and can’t wait to read the rest.

There are loads of interesting panels and events on as well, so hopefully I’ll get to watch some of those as well as being sociable, probably in a bar sort of area. Here are the times for the launches:

Saturday 4pm for Titan Books

Sunday 11am for Unsung Stories

With the contracts all signed, I’ll just add that Titan Books will also be publishing my novel Skein Island in 2019; it found an excellent first home with Dog Horn Publishing for a few years but the time has come to move on, and it’ll be great to see that book available in more places across the UK and US. So I’ll be celebrating this news at FantasyCon – come say hello and celebrate with me.



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