Blanket coverage

I’m really happy with the design for my story Territory: Blank, which will be published in Interzone shortly. Look at this sneaky peek. It’s perfect for the story:

I’ve also written the guest editorial for the edition, which is all about how we can’t escape certain stories.

Speaking of which, I certainly can’t escape mushrooms. I even saw them in a sort of Rorschach-blot type of test I took when I did an interview with Seth Lindberg recently. I promise you, I’m not fungally obsessed. They just keep… cropping up.

Also, I will go into more detail about this later but just so you know, there’s a magnificently successful crowd-funding going on for Unsung Stories’ latest anthology about UK folk horror, called This Dreaming Isle. It’s really no surprise that everyone is getting in on the action considering the subject and the list of authors involved. I’m excited to read it, let alone be in it, with that line up. You can back it here. And you can read a bit about why Nina Allan thinks it’s going to be an important anthology here.

And it has a great cover, of course. As all Unsung Stories books do. I’m hoping to get to show off the cover for The Loosening Skin soon. But not yet. So here’s This Dreaming Isle’s cover, with evocative artwork by Jordan Grimmer:

This dreaming isle cover

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