The weird, the cold, and the pointy

Although I’d be tempted to call myself a weird writer rather than a writer of the Weird, I’m very happy to be involved in the business of writing a story for Boudicca Press‘ upcoming anthology Disturbing the Beast. Submissions are currently being accepted and there’ll be crowdfunding to come. I’m really looking forward to seeing this project, and this publisher, go from strength to disturbing, bestial strength.

Tales from the Shadow Booth 2 is now out in the world, and I read my story ‘Ear to Ear’ at the launch last week. It was a hot day. So hot. The launch was in a basement under a pub and I thought it would be a furnace down there, so I put off descending for as long as possible only to step into a very cool pleasant spooky cave-like basement with candelabras and odd scraping noises. It was perfect. Also, I asked the barman for something cold and refreshing and he nodded sympathetically and served me the best pint of IPA I’ve drunk in a long time. So if you’re overheating in London I highly recommend a visit to Old Mary’s. It revived me enough to make the reading possible, and then two other brilliant readings followed, and the book was launched in style.

Also: Sharp Objects! I’m reviewing it over the next eight weeks for Den of Geek in the UK and US. The reviews are very spoilersome so don’t click on this link to the first one if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s far too good to spoil. Like Tennessee Williams and Thomas Harris got together in a dank pub and came up with a drinking game. That’s all I’ll say here.


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