New and Reprinted

Covers! Here are two of them to look at –

the dark march 2018

The March edition of one of my favourite magazines, The Dark, contains my horror story Corwick Grows, which you can read right now on the website. It’s based on something that happened to me when I lived in Wiltshire, for a while. I would see signposts dotted around the back roads for a village that was always four miles away, in any direction. I never once found it. One day I went out purposefully looking for it, and still was nowhere to be seen. I should admit at this point that I have no sense of direction, so it probably is out there somewhere, and I was just being navigationally challenged, as usual. I did wonder what might have been there if I had found it, though, and so Corwick Grows sprang to mind.

Beware of places that are hard to find.

best of british 2017 new con

Well. This is a bit exciting.

A while back my sci fi rollercoaster story Uniquo appeared in the Unsung Stories anthology of the future, 2084, and I was very pleased with that. Now I’m just as pleased all over again to find it selected for NewCon Press’ Best of British Science Fiction 2017 anthology, along with the kind of names and stories that make me really look forward to reading it myself. I hope I do it justice. It’s available to pre-order on the website, where you’ll also find a complete list of those authors involved. I’m betting there’ll be something in there to suit your sci fi needs…



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