Novel Alert

Hold on. I’m going to savour this moment first.

Right. Enough savouring – this is the announcement from Unsung Stories that they will be publishing my novel (called The Loosening Skin) in October 2018:

First up we will be publishing the next title from our resident award-nomination magnet, Aliya Whiteley. The Loosening Skin will be out in October 2018 and it is an absolutely gorgeous, intricate piece of work. Like everything Aliya does, it is complex, surprising, compelling and quite unpredictable in the best way. We’ll be putting some more details up on the site in the coming weeks, but in the meantime here’s what Nina Allan thought of it:

Strange, confounding and satisfyingly original, Whiteley’s new novel is an exploration of relationships and the corrosive effect of time. A speculative enquiry into the meaning of freedom itself, The Loosening Skin will surprise and delight Whiteley’s existing readership and new fans equally.”

To be published by Unsung Stories, and to already have kind words said about it by one of my favourite writers, is a very good start to the life of any story. I can’t tell you much about The Loosening Skin right now except that it’s not like any of my other books. I say that about all of them, though. I’ll post more details, cover art, etc, as the process goes along.


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