Dark Fiery Non-Fiction

Recommendations! It’s that time of year when everybody lists things. I’m not quite ready to do that yet because this is also the time of year when I get a lot of reading done in an attempt to shrink my TBR pile before Santa shows up. So my best reads of the year, and a review of my writing year, will probably appear in January.

I did make one recommendation, though, over at The Future Fire. It was for a list of classic horror stories by women writers. The story I chose was written by a famous nineteenth century Egyptologist who was also one of the inspirations behind an adventuring heiress from my novel ‘Skein Island’. You can click on the link to find out who I’m talking about. She also wrote a very effective ghost story.

Also – hurray for the funding of The Eden Book Society via Kickstarter! A huge thank you for everyone who has helped to make that a reality. I’ve written my dark and horrible 1972 novella for it. I can’t tell you which one, because they’re all being published under pseudonyms. But if you’re in the mood for more puzzles you could scour the piece I wrote about Books from the Dark for Storgy; that might contain a clue. Or it might be a stinking dead herring.

Either way, have a great Christmas! There’s a free Christmas-themed short story of mine over at the Patreon, just to say thanks for reading anything of mine this year, including this blog.





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