Exhaustion, confusion and a Reddit AMA

Helping out with The Eden Book Society is turning out to be an unpleasant business.

Reading so many horror novellas back to back, scouring through them for clues of hidden meanings and purposes, has given me some very strange dreams. And that’s when I do manage to fall asleep. For those people who have backed the Kickstarter, I would just say – take your time when reading them. Maybe intersperse the experience with a light comedy or a bit of television every now and again. Don’t lose yourself completely into the Eden Book Society world. It’s a disturbing place to be.

But I said I would help bring them to a wider audience, and I’ll stick to my promise. So if you want to talk about them, and the things I’ve found out about them, or even my bad dreams, you can ask me anything on Reddit at 7pm UK time on Wednesday 29th November. Other writers who are involved with the project, Gary Budden and Alison Moore, will also be answering questions.

There has already been one Reddit AMA about the Eden Book Society, which you can read here.

You can, of course, ask me about other books I’ve written or read, and all the stuff in between. I’ll try to come up with decent answers, but I really am so tired. And I keep seeing things out of the corner of my eye.

Things that shouldn’t be there.


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