Eden will be paradise for horror readers

Here comes Halloween, and with it the announcements about exactly what will be happening with the Eden Book Society reprints.

In case you haven’t heard of it, the Eden Book Society ran from 1919 to the early part of this century. A very small publisher with big connections, it commissioned horror novellas from leading writers, and then mailed them out to a select list of subscribers who were in the know. These books were published under pseudonyms, and I think the identities of the real authors has been lost (although I’m not sure about that – hopefully we’ll find out more at Halloween when Dead Ink Books releases information about how they are going to reprint them).

I’ve been lucky enough to find a couple of these novellas in odd places over the years (in a box of old Readers’ Digests in a jumble sale, once) and have always been fascinated by them. Who wrote them? Is the freedom of the pseudonym the reason why they seem to go to such weird places? The few I’ve read have been very strange indeed, and have stuck with me for years. Anyway, I’ve been talking about it to Dead Ink and getting involved in helping these novellas to read a wider audience. More details to follow.

Meanwhile, the countdown to the US release of The Beauty continues with a good review from Publishers Weekly – yippee! The reviewer apparently likes the new novelette that accompanies the original story, which is good to read. I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for it; it’s called ‘Peace, Pipe’ and I think it goes to some interesting places.



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