Comic Con and Space Shops

I’ll be at MCM Comic Con in London this Sunday, taking part in a panel and generally hanging around with other authors. There will be quite a few of us, but I’m particularly looking forward to seeing my fellow panellists and Unsung authors, Oliver Langmead and Verity Holloway. Together we should be able to think of interesting stuff to say. Here are the details:

Unsung Stories Presents: A Very British Scene

For a tiny island on a large planet, the British turn out a lot of stories. Why is this, and how do they differ from the wider market?

Sunday 26th May

12.30 – 1.45pm, Lower Platinum Suite

Come and say hello if you’re attending.

Just a quick mention of a reprint for my story Midnight, Midnight which you can now read at Digital Fiction Publishing’s Quick Fic site here. It’s about a shop and an addiction and a long-distance love affair and the need to finish the book you’re reading.

Ooh, and I’ve written a couple of articles for my favourite film website, Den of Geek, about two subjects that don’t have a lot in common: The Revenant, and the early short stories of Philip K Dick. Yeah. I’m always delighted to have something on their site.


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