Crazy Buses

Lots of things happened, all at once. Like buses. I’ll fill in.

The Beauty will be published in the US by Titan Books in November 2017. A new, previously unpublished novelette of mine about aliens and miscommunications called ‘Peace, Pipe’ will be included with it. It looks smashing. Look.

Beauty titan approved cover

Barnes and Noble ran a cover reveal and an excerpt on their website here.

The Arrival of Missives has been shortlisted for the Shadow Clarke Award (I make a high-pitched noise of delight whenever I think about it, so you can be glad this is not an audio blog), which has been a great read throughout as the judges discuss and review a number of the submitted works. I really recommend going and having a read of them if you haven’t already.

And the latest edition of Confingo contains my literary story ‘Fire at Will’: 2017-05-05 12.59.18

I’ve only just begun to read the other stories in this edition, but I have to say the photographs are stunning, and I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read so far.

So there we go. Wow. Lots of crazy book buses arriving.

I’m busy writing something new, and am always producing strange short fiction which I zap out to my Patreon followers once a month. That’s been a worthwhile experiment so far, freeing up my creative mind to go its own merry way. Not that it needs much encouragement.

You can find my Patreon page here.






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