That Was Quick/Slow/Quick

A few weeks ago my novella The Beauty was shortlisted for a Saboteur Award, and that was amazing. Except it wasn’t a few weeks ago. Incredibly, it was two years ago, and now I’m delighted to say the same thing has happened to The Arrival of Missives – it’s been shortlisted in the Best Novella category. You can vote for it here until 30th April, and at the speed time is going you should probably get on that now. If you’re going to. Gentle nudge. Thanks.

Time is a tricky business. For instance, it already feels like ages since I talked about an A-Z of the End of the World at the Essex Book Festival. In fact, it was last Saturday. From what I can remember, I talked about triffids at lot (as usual). Thanks to everyone who came along and I hope you had as good a time listening to triffid theories as I had talking about them.

And the 2084 Kickstarter by Unsung Stories – well, that funded in a flash. It’s now double-funded. And a bit. So you don’t need to help crowdfund it in order to get it made; you only need to crowdfund it to get your own copy, as well as some of the nifty extras like prints of the artwork, and copies of other Unsung books.

Strange things are happening, time-wise.


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