February Gestations and Excalibur

January scooted past. I’m writing some new horror things, but the nasty ideas are taking a little while to gestate, and I’m guessing that they shouldn’t be rushed. Nobody wants a half-gestated mess of horror, do they? Or do they? Yuck.

Anyway, I’m also kicking off my published short stories for this year with horror. The Chambermaid, which owes a great debt to Robert Aickmann, will appear in the next issue of Black Static. It is always brilliant to have a story in that publication.

Then in April I’ll be in a literary costume for Confingo magazine. My story Fire at Will will be published in issue seven. It’s my first appearance in Confingo but I’ve admired what they do for a while, so that’s really good news.

And… the Patreon is ongoing. The next strange short story is about an old English myth come back to provide one true fact in this weird world we live in. What if there really is a divine right to rule, proven by a sword in a stone that will only come free to the rightful King? That story will go up at the end of next week so there’s time to sign up for as little as $1.






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