Softly Seagoing Spectres

Killing it Softly is out there! It’s a fine looking book too, and a great read for the approach to Halloween. It’s still only 99p on the Kindle, but that won’t last much longer.

But forget Halloween. Let’s move along to November, and my next Patreon short story, which is probably going to be a boisterous and unpleasant seafaring adventure in tribute to William Hope Hodgson. You need to be a patron to read this one on the 5th November. I’m having a blast writing it right now.

But forget Bonfire Night. What about Christmas? I’ll be reading a brand new Christmas-themed ghost story at Unsung Live on the 6th December. I know it’ll be brand new because I haven’t written it yet. Other readers include Catriona Ward and Helen Marshall, who are both awesome, so even if my story turns out weird (let’s face it, it’s a possibility) they’ll be amazing, and you’ll have a good evening anyway.

Three months in three paragraphs. That’s not bad going even for me.




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