Exeter, London, Lists

Hello to a really busy August, with lots of exciting things happening. You want a list? I’ll give you a list…

First up is the West Country Weird event I’m doing in Exeter on Thursday 11th August. Catriona Ward, Nina Allan and I will be discussing why the westcountry appears in our written works and other topics related to strangeness and spookiness. It should be a really good night if I manage to stop talking about how talented the other two novelists are.

And then there’s no time to waste as I head to Hammersmith and the Nine Worlds Geekfest from 12th to 14th August. I’m on four panels and am trying to store up all my thoughts about those very different areas: historical novels, apocalyptic novels, utopian novels… I’ll have to start taking notes.

Finally, on the 15th August the shortlist of the Guardian Not the Booker prize will be announced. The Arrival of Missives is on the longlist right now. This sounds really impressive (and is good for my ego), but it is an enormous list filled with excellent writing and everything falls to a public vote at this point. But hey, nothing ventured etc. If you want to vote for Missives you need to register on the site and then leave a comment voting for two books from the longlist. You also need to leave a review of at least 100 words for one of the books.

If you like Missives enough to go through that process, then thank you.

So lots of doing and not much writing this month. But that’s okay because Interzone accepted one of the new short stories I’ve been writing and that should be available in the near future. If I don’t see you in person at one of the events then see you on the pages of Interzone, no doubt with a brilliant illustration to accompany me. Interzone always looks so good.






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