Touring Missives. And melons.

Only a few days now until The Arrival of Missives is out there in the world proper, and it’s very exciting to see it appearing in various places. A book tour is underway, having started yesterday at Popshot magazine with an extract from the very start of the story. Today ReaderDad has an article I wrote about why writing Missives terrified me and brought back memories of being a teenager. Eek. ReaderDad also gave it a great review, so it’s an eek followed by a phew.

Unsung Stories has the upcoming tour dates on their website.

The launch party at Blackwell’s in Holborn was a brilliant night, marred only by my reckless decision to sing part of Islands in the Stream at one point, so sorry about that everyone. Blackwell’s now has signed copies for sale and as it’s their Independent Book of the Month in store I think you get a free coffee if you buy one.

The reviews have been coming in and I may have to buy a bigger hat. The link to buy the book directly from the publisher, and links to the reviews, can be found here. Thanks to everyone who has read and enjoyed it so far.

And finally, Giganotosaurus is running a new story of mine this month. It’s about melon growing in difficult climates, and it’s called Brushwork. Go give it a read and some love if you can.






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