So Long…

….to 2015, in which I wrote a lot of fiction and even more non-fiction. Some of it was published (phew) which is always good for a writer’s ego. This is a quick look back over my highlights:

My novel Skein Island was published. Not a lot of people read it, but some of the few that did quite liked it.

My novella The Beauty was shortlisted for a Shirley Jackson Award and a Saboteur Award, and made the Recommended Reading List for the James Tiptree Jr. Award.

I had a short story about a spaceship (my first spaceship story!) published in Interzone.

I had a different short story, about the Exmoor Beast no less, in the European Monsters anthology from Fox Spirit.

I had a very different short story about a holiday I once took to France in Lonely Planet’s Better than Fiction 2. It was different because it was (mainly) a true story. I don’t write a lot of those.

I wrote articles for Den of Geek on a number of my favourite filmic subjects including Nigel Kneale and Powell and Pressburger.

I also wrote articles for BrandPerfect and Mental Floss on any number of subjects. This level of diversification is turning me into a whizz at pub quizzes.

In between those articles I wrote a new historical sci-fi novella (my first of those as well) called The Arrival of Missives. It will be published by Unsung Stories in May 2016.

I wrote quite a few new short stories too, and they will be turning up in places such as Bourbon Penn and Belladonna Publishing in 2016. There will also be a new story of mine available in audio form from The Drabblecast at some point. That’s not a first; I’ve been turned into the audio format by them before. I’ve always enjoyed it though.

So 2016 already has stuff in it. That’s good. I’ll fill in the blanks with further details when I can. But, for now, happy new year to you. Thanks for reading the things I write.






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