ETA on Missives

I’m really happy to say Unsung Stories will be publishing my latest effort in May 2016. The Arrival of Missives is the first time I’ve strayed at a longer length into historical fiction, although I wouldn’t really describe it as that. I’ll let Unsung describe it for me here as they’re pretty good at that:

The Arrival of Missives is a genre-defying story of fate, free-will and the choices we make in life. In the aftermath of the Great War, Shirley Fearn dreams of challenging the conventions of rural England, where life is as predictable as the changing of the seasons. 

The scarred veteran Mr. Tiller, left disfigured by an impossible accident on the battlefields of France, brings with him a message: part prophecy, part warning. Will it prevent her mastering her own destiny?

As the village prepares for the annual May Day celebrations, where a new queen will be crowned and the future will be reborn again, Shirley must choose: change or renewal?

Good, huh? I’m really looking forward to seeing the cover art for this one. The more genres I mash up, the more amazed I am by the covers that manage to capture the essence of the book. The Beauty is a great example of that.

Speaking of which, this review of The Beauty for Geek Syndicate is pretty much my dream review, with a great understanding of what I was aiming for in the writing. Thanks to Geek Syndicate and to all who have reviewed it so far.


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