Kickstarter: Tale

How stories and real life interact is one of my favourite themes, so it’s not too surprising to find me backing this Kickstarter project.

Tale is going to be a magazine of non-fiction writings about the things we take from reality and turn into fiction, and the things we take from fiction and slot into our realities. I hope to be lucky enough to write on this fascinating subject regularly, but for now I can only say that I’ve definitely written something for the first issue and it’s on the subject of the ‘fate worse than death’, which is one of those really disturbing, messy concepts when you get up close to it. I’m looking forward to finding out what the other writers have covered, but to do that the magazine needs to get made. Which is where you come in. Through the door, with a bang, and a loud declamation.

Grand entrances – now that’s another crossover area between fact and fiction that deserves a Tale article…


tale kickstarter

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