Launching Skein Island

Although the new book is already quietly out there it only seems right to give it a small party, so there will be an event in London on Monday 8th June. The book will also have great company, in the form of Montague Kobbe’s new collection of short stories, Tales of Bed Sheets and Departure Lounges. Here are the details:

Location: Victoria Library

Date: Monday 8th June

Time: 7.00pm

Details: Writer and editor Alexa Radcliffe-Hart introduces and chats to Anglo-Caribbean author Montague Kobbé and British author Aliya Whiteley.


If you’re a Facebook kind of person you can also look up some additional info here.


Gold Dust magazine is one of my favourite places for finding new voices, and they are committed to supporting writers and musicians at the start of their careers. I can’t thank them enough for the energy they put into a difficult job, including reviewing my stuff with clarity and understanding.

The first review of Skein Island will be in their next issue, but they’ve kindly allowed me to reprint part of it here in the hope of whetting your appetite to read it:

‘Gold Dust has followed Aliya Whiteley’s career since its beginning – and this is her best book yet. Highly entertaining and as quirky as ever, this one is highly intelligent as well – as much a work of philosophical fiction as of horror or adventure… This is a book that I can’t recommend highly enough. A journey into the thinking person’s Twilight Zone, and a compelling page-turner.’

 So, if that’s persuaded you, buy it at the launch event or buy it here. But please do buy it, or request it from the library.






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