If I had to pick my favourite film of last year it would be Under the Skin, but seeing as I really didn’t watch a lot of current films I feel a bit guilty for having that opinion. Still, I did also enjoy The Lego Movie very much and I wrote about it for Den of Geek’s Top Films of 2014.

It’s the time of year when people have these kind of ‘I liked this/I didn’t like that’ discussions. I’m a fool for a  list, and it’s been a bit of a shock (in a good “It’s alive!” kind of way) to find The Beauty included in lists for the best books of 2014. Benjamin Judge made it his book of the year, and Tangent included it in its Recommendations of the Year. Very weird, and very good, as somebody just commented about The Beauty on Goodreads. Weird seems to be the keyword here.

On to 2015, and further weirdness. Belladonna Publishing’s anthology Strange Little Girls will be published, including my story The House of Infinite Diversions.

On Spec will publish my SF story On The Farm.

And my new fantasy horror novel, Skein Island, will be published by Dog Horn at the end of February. I should have a cover to reveal soon, and I’m excited to see this one as a real book you can hold in your hands. Much like The Beauty, it talks about things that are important to me. Review copies will be available shortly so please shout if you’re interested, or tweet: @AliyaWhiteley

Skein Island owes a great deal of inspiration to Lundy Island, which is off the coast of North Devon and has a fascinating history. It’s definitely worth a visit.  I’ll leave you with a video about it.





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