Strange Girls and Spooky Stories

It’s nearly Halloween and is therefore the time to make strange noises and put a sheet over your head. Okay, well, I do that all year round, but just to give this blog post a bit of character here’s a ghostly sound effect:


That looks more like Professor Calculus has stepped on Snowy’s tail again. Ah well. On to the news.

Last October I took part in a live event called Den of Eek! 2 which raised money for charity as well as bringing together lots of amazing writers to read out stories about urban legends. Now the e-book has been released and you can find the details here. There were some great takes on the kind of tales with no scientific substance that we all love to repeat. For a few pounds that is a bit of a bargain.


Strange Little Girls is the title of a new anthology from Belladonna Press which will be coming soon. My story House of Infinite Diversions is amongst an impressive line-up and the artwork looks brilliant. I’ll bring you more news on this one as a publication date approaches.


My favourite publisher, Unsung Stories, is getting into the short story market and at a good paying rate too. The first story will be making an appearance in November and since I’m meant to be providing it I really should crack on with that. A blank page and a blank brain – now that really is a scary business.


And finally, The Beauty continues to get reviewed. Here’s a new one by Benjamin Judge for Bookmunch. Have you read it yet? Why not? Read it read it read it read it read it read it. Message over.

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