Further Fungi

I’ve been working on lots of articles recently, including this piece for Brand Perfect about technological predictions of the future. Nostradamus, Isaac Asimov, and Manuel Castells all have their visions of where we’ll end up. You can also find my stuff regularly at the marvellous Den of Geek, where I’m involved with the Book Club, looking at non-fiction books about film and television. The latest offering is Paul Merton’s Silent Comedy.

Short story-wise, there should be new ones out there via Black Static, Bourbon Penn, Fox Spirit, Eibonvale Press, and On Spec over the coming months.

The Beauty continues to get really interesting reviews, such as this one from Speculiction:

‘Feeling perfectly like the love child of Ursula Le Guin and Jeff VanderMeer, Whiteley uses fungal bizarreness in a dark woodland setting to overlay a story hitting a couple major touch points of feminism and gender relations. ‘

The love child of Le Guin and Vandermeer – that’s me happy…

Cait Coker wrote a review for The Future Fire which reflected on the different aspects that make for a challenging read:

‘It’s a difficult book, and a thoughtful book, and one that—if you have any interest whatsoever in the intersections of gender and queerness in SF—you will want to pick up.’

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