Anton Walbrook, MGM, and other stuff

It’s been a busy January. I’ve made a start on a new novel and have finished the edits for the fantasy horror novel that Dog Horn Publishing are going to publish this year. It’s called Skein Island. Hopefully I’ll have a cover to show off soon.

I’ve also been writing a few articles, including one about the most wonderful actor, Anton Walbrook, and another about MGM’s compilation films of the 1970s, That’s Entertainment! It’s a great feeling to write about classic film that is slowly being forgotten in the hope of bringing a few new people to the joy of a creepy black and white thriller, or one of the first technicolour extravaganzas.

February will see a few short stories of mine popping up in places such as Bourbon Penn and Vending Machine Press. Also the Smokelong Best Of… Anthology is due out at the end of the month, and my piece of flash fiction Lydia Before has made it into the finished book.

I’ll put up links and tweet about it as the stories hit the internet, but right now I’ll sign off with a picture of Anton Walbrook with a brilliant moustache. Any excuse, really.



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