Linked and Linkless

Perihelion is running another of my short stories this month, entitled ‘Linkless’. It’s a science fiction tale of a person who’s unable to get along with new technology, particularly as it means she might be the butt of a million online jokes that she can’t access.

It’s been a great writing year for me, with a lot of effort going into my articles for film website Den of Geek, so I thought I’d list my five favourite articles that I wrote for them:

1. Looking at how the emotion of fear gets treated cinematically in Top Ten 1958 Films About Fear That Aren’t Vertigo

2. Getting the opportunity to write about some of my favourite films in Remembering Claude Rains

3. Looking at a well-worn trope with What it Means When People Play Chess in the Movies

4. Zoinks! It’s the Top Ten Scooby Doo Movies…

5. Writing about my childhood crush in Robert Redford Movies About Alienation.

2014 awaits, but there should be another short story of mine coming before January. And in the new year I’ll hopefully have some details to share about my new novel. But for now, here’s to more mince pies and Christmas carolling. Enjoy.

Comet ISON Perihelion Passage Animated GIF
Comet ISON Perihelion Passage Animated GIF (Photo credit: sjrankin)

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