Dens, Libraries, Owls, and Pussycats

Den of Eek! 2 was a great night and I hope you enjoyed it if you came along. I was very pleased to be first up on the story reading front, and my tale of a lonely woman who ends up becoming the focus of far too much urban legend energy went well enough that I could sit back, drink wine, and focus on the other stories, which were all excellent. Organiser Sarah Dobbs wrote a good blog post about it . There’ll be an ebook of the stories available shortly – more information to follow.

Today I’ve got a new story up at Litro. Owls and Pussycats takes a fresh look at a very well-known rhyme. I always felt it didn’t really tackle the issue of the owl being a bird and the cat being a bird-killing-machine. Well, now it does.

I’m still writing non-fiction quite a lot at the moment. I’ve been looking at information management for BrandPerfect, and I’m still writing about films I love for Den of Geek. Recently it’s been Sylvain Chomet.

And a fantastic review for Witchcraft in the Harem appeared on The Future Fire yesterday. I’m so delighted that the reviewer really connected with the stories and managed to put across that connection in the review. Witchcraft in the Harem can be bought through Amazon or direct from Dog Horn Publishing. 

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