Gold Dust and Kaleidotrope

Issue 23 of Gold Dust magazine is now available to buy or to read online for free from the website. It’s a great collection of stories, poems and articles, including a review of Witchcraft in the Harem and an interview with me about my writing life so far.

“This collection is a major treat for lovers of the form; they are elegantly constructed, full of striking images, and brimming with novelty, ingenuity and playful use of language. This is someone who has really mastered her art performing at the peak of her powers. Definitely not to be missed.”

Or if you prefer some new fiction there’s a story of mine up at Kaleidotrope for the summer. Rock Song is the tale of a musical collective who create a song to accompany the end of the world.

“Open plan in Melocom meant no stillness. Nothing but Johann and nine employees, walking, thinking, playing and recording and sometimes dancing when someone hit on a good lick. It was a raw experience, raw like meat, waiting every day to be seared on a barbecue, the open, smoldering coals of utterly brilliant music.”

harem ceiling
harem ceiling (Photo credit: Trevor Pritchard)

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